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Among the services provided
by OGC personnel, we grant
the following: 
Metal Framing:
This process refers to the construction of walls using metal studs, also known as steel studs. We guarantee a steady and safe structure for our customers, using the proper safety equipment for our qualified team.
Drywall Installation:

Reinforcing structure for the interior of your walls or ceiling to avoid indoor mold and water leaks.

Ceiling Grill Installation and Replacement:

Steady fixtures that benefit the air circulation of a room. It controls the ventilation leading it towards the central heating or cooling unit.



We are a contracting company invested on providing the finest services to our clients. In OGC, we value hard work and dedication that leads to successful outcomes. Our experienced personnel have the capacity to execute any service related to metal stud framing, drywall installation, and ceiling solutions. OGC seeks exceeding our client’s expectations by doing prime work. By helping our customers build their dreams, we get to follow ours as well. We look forward to create a relationship with our clients based on excellence, support, and trust; a prospect to the future.


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